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The PKM Polish Folk Dance Ensemble is part of "P.K.M - Polskie Kolko Miedzykolegialne" (The Polish Intercollegiate Club of Philadelphia) -- a Polish social, educational, and cultural organization originally established in the year 1915. The Folk Dance Ensemble was established in 1960 to allow PKM's members to celebrate their Polish culture through Polish Folk Dance & Song while sharing its richness and beauty with the community.   


PKM Polish Folk Dance Ensemble performs at local and distant festivals, cultural events, and private events (weddings, anniversaries, banquets, birthday parties, etc.) If you would like to hire the ensemble at your next event, please use the contact information provided below.  


PKM Polish Folk Dance Ensemble always welcomes new members! The ensemble meets on Friday evenings (8:00 PM) at the Associated Polish Home in Northeast Philadelphia (subject to change). Former experience is not necessary; just simply the love of Polish culture, dancing, and friendship!  

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PKM Polish Folk Dance Ensemble

9150 Academy Road, Philadelphia, PA 19114